Friday, May 26, 2006

Bibliographic Instruction for Graduate Students

I plan to hold a focus group with physics graduate students this summer to determine how I can be more helpful. If you have had experience with this kind of activity, I hope you will share it.

I have just read

Ackerson, Linda G. 1996 "Basing reference service on scientific communication: toward a more effective model for science graduate students". RQ 36(2): 248-260.

She suggests a model for helping graduate students with the literature review in preparation for writing the thesis.

1. search subject indexes
2. indentify review articles
3. search the references for "ancestors"
4. use citation searching to identify newer articles
5. current awareness

Has anyone used this model?



Anonymous kristin hoffmann said...

Thanks for posting about this article & the method described! We are preparing an info lit program for sci-tech grad students at the University of Western Ontario, and we've drafted a list of sample sessions based on what Ackerson outlines. We're doing a survey and focus groups this summer to determine student needs in more depth. This will be my first time running focus groups, so I don't have any experience to share yet. But I am very interested to hear what your physics graduate students say. I hope you keep us updated. I'll be happy to share our results with you too, if you like.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Eugene said...

Oh, thanks for posting! It's in time.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous dissertations said...

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