Monday, June 26, 2006

Undergrad physics class lessons

A year ago, I had the delightful experience of collaborating with Prof. Wheeler while he taught Physics 213 for Cornell's summer sessions. Together we decided on some goals and wrote "internet assignments". He gave out the assignment on Monday. It was due on Thursday when I met with the class to discuss results, search techniques, etc. This year, I am at home recovering from emergency surgery and will only be able to meet with the class once. At that session, I will show the students how to use the online catalog and the most useful of our licensed databases.

Prof. Wheeler has "tweaked" the assignments that we used last year. If you would like to see the class web page, go to:

I have been appointed to the AIP Working Subcommittee on Classification and Information Retrieval. My 3-year term will begin on July 1.