Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The start of the fall semester has always felt like a new beginning to me--this year especially. I was on medical leave most of the summer, and am very happy to back on campus.

I am experimenting with new ways of communicating. I have created a set of books marks using CONNOTEA. The theme is physics information fluency. By searching CONNOTEA I have found some very interesting relevant web sites. If you would like to take a look, here is the URL:

I was able to return to work in time to participate in the summer meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers which was held in Syracuse this year. The panel discussion was well attended. Three examples of introducing information literacy into a regualr class were discussed. I have links to the class web sites of the speakers at my CONNOTEA site.

My article, "Physics213: an Example of Faculty/Librarian Collaboration" was published this summer in Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship.

For the first time ever, I will meet with the new physics graduate students to demonstrate for them the electronic resources that we have at Cornell. The session is jointly sponsored by the Physics Department and the library.

Later this fall, I am planning a focus group for all physics graduate students.



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Yeah, I read your article earlier. It's very interesting.

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