Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AAPT winter meeting '08

I traveled to Baltimore to attend the winter meeting '08 of the American Association of Physics Teachers from January 19 - 23. I arranged a panel discussion:

Topic Information Fluency and Physics Curriculum

Dr. Jean-Francois Van Huele, Brigham Young University "Information Literacy and Information Literaure in Physics" Writing in Physics

Adriana Popescu, Direct of the Engineering Library, Princeton " Seizing Opportunities for Library Instruction Beyond the Physics Classroom." In conjunction with the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education (CIEE), Adriana teaches several courses.

Dr. Bonnie Osif, Director of the Engineering Library at Penn State "Integrating Active Learning and Information Literacy in the College Classroom". This is one example of Bonnie's activities.

Pat Viele, Physics and Astronomy Librarian at Cornell University "Information Fluency for Graduate Students" my handout is available here

As always, the meeting was both enjoyable and educational.

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