Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Update August, 2007

1. I am pleased to say that the Physics Grad Society (PGS) sponsored a session for me with the new grad student class at Cornell as part of the orientation program. Thirty grad students attended--a mixture of new grad students and "older" grad students. I hope that this session will become a permanent part of the new physics grad student orientatiion program at Cornell.

2. While surfing the net, I came across this page "Writing for a Math Class". It might be helpful in planning for integrating information literacy into any science class.

3. My tutorial "Mining the Hidden Web" , which I give at every AAPT meeting filled far in advance of the summer meeting in Greensboro. As usual, it was a lively and interesting session. One web site new to me is teachertube.

4. I also like the video "Databases" on youtube.

Pat the Librarian


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